Episode 68: From Puerto Rico with Love

Some of what we saw, some of what we experienced and a lot of what we felt during our trip to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

Episode 67: “Be good for goodness sake!”

Seeing the Niagara Falls in freezing weather, preparing to meet my ex-wife’s boyfriend and movies to avoid when you’re feeling sick!

Episode 66: Christmas ain’t about you!

Jose gets sick, Santa messes up and a New Year’s Eve to forget!

Episode 65: The show must go on!

The best middle seat, an Uber driver plus one and a surprise lunch to remember!

Episode 64: Just go with the flow!

Singing with Tito, the value of a recommendation and how to kill a conversation.

Episode 63: ‘Tis the season of honesty!

Tattoos for couples, an interesting dinner dilemma and a dark Alaska night.

Episode 62: The joy of confrontations!

A casket pusher, engaging haters and dealing with a smell problem at work!

Episode 61: Thanksgiving in NY!

The meal, the complaint, the confrontation.

Episode 60: Know yourself!

Enjoying babies, defining DJ’s and discovering Jose’s inner “Lenny”!

Episode 59: You can do it! (maybe)

Running with inspiration, answering fan questions and a new way to buy a car!

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