Episode 35: Asking questions and taking names!

Breaking down “Despacito”, a new movie idea for Latinos and an offer I can definitely refuse!

Episode 34: Let’s go through puberty!

Acne, discovering body odor and what it means when a rooster sings!

Episode 33: Finding humor in the unlikeliest of places!

A Puerto Rican surprise party, checking up on Jose and a life changing funeral!

Episode 32: Fear can be funny!

Problems at home, dealing with a stalker and why Jose will not be at my birthday party!

Episode 31: No Sick Days Allowed

A non-handy man, when a correazo becomes a felony and what happens when you play with matches.

Episode 30: Wishing you good health!

Birthday surprises, controversial vaccines and cooking vick’s vapor rub!

Episode 29: Drivin’ ain’t easy

Preventing road rage, avoiding distractions and a little Biggie Smalls to soothe your nerves.

Episode 28: It’s no vacation, it’s an adventure!

A legendary prison, an African safari and swimming with Jaws!

Episode 27: What are friends for?

The mystery of the G.E.R.D., an annulment to remember and looking forward to South Africa!

Episode 26: It’s not just a game!

How we play, why we watch and learning a little geography along the way.

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