Episode 94: The Danger Zone

Surviving fireworks, experiencing bad body odor on a plane and getting rescued from a cave!

Episode 93: Celebrating the right way

Catching the World Cup fever, the origins of the 4th of July celebrations and a proper punishment for a polygamist.

Episode 92: It’s all about the kids

One bone doctor, ten jacuzzis and a great way to overcome stage fright.

Episode 91: Seeing is believing

Visiting the Grand Canyon, a cool Native American experience and sharing true ghost stories!

Episode 90: Just tell me what I want to know!

Pregnancy pains and surprises, La Doctora makes a house call and a hotel experience I’ll never forget!

Episode 89: “I see your true colors…”

The perfect gym, how to evict your child from your home and judging Miss America.

Episode 88: Don’t be a pest!

A nosy neighbor, an interview with an exterminator and one very expensive review.

Episode 87: Moving On

One memorable trip to the ER, one ignorant attorney and one royal hookup!

Episode 86: It’s my birthday show!

How to deal with unwanted attention, how to ride a balloon and how to show off on Mother’s Day!

Episode 85: I just can’t!

Screaming kids, the 5th of May and a cockroach story you’ll never forget!

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