Episode 104: “Flying solo!”

Visiting New Orleans as a donkey, surviving a crash landing in a balloon and experiencing shark week in person…with a lollypop!

Episode 103: Hanging out on Facebook Live

Interacting with fans, confronting a hater and discovering the power of muecas!

Episode 102: “Let’s play!”

Looking back at old party games, a Taco truck comes to the rescue and one very strange dipping sauce!

Episode 101: Late night entertainment

Deliciously unhealthy snacks, a pimple popping experience and honoring the very last Blockbuster Video.

Episode 100: the centennial show!

“El Podcast” gets a birthday party with games, trivia and even some surprise guests!

Episode 99: Put your best face forward

A sleepover fiasco, a ghost whisperer and dealing with unwanted house pests!

Episode 98: A first time for everything

A treehouse for the night, a gator on the menu and a very unique car wash.

Episode 97: Nature’s splendor is not for me

Cold springs, proud nudists and a surprise dinner gone bad.

Episode 96: I choose the easy way

Pregnancy pains, preparing for natural labor and an “easy” cooking lesson with a professional Chef.

Episode 95: Doing it right is hard

The host with the most, pet-peeves and an interview with a member of the Puerto Rican National Diving Team!

Eli Castro

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