Episode 77: An interview with mini-me

Thoughts on school, his first date and a test of his education.

Episode 76: Making discoveries along the way

An encounter with a wall, a loud neighbor and a talented actor in Puerto Rico.

Episode 75: Always learning, Always Laughing

A run of memorable shows, an interview with “El Carnicero” and learning how fear can inspire you to change!

Episode 74: The show never stops

A bloody nose, a sore throat and one healthy kidney.

Episode 73: Reach for your limit!

Winter sports we’d never try, a waitress I wouldn’t want and an accent I’ll never master.

Episode 72: Fight or flight?

Getting cable installed, Jose’s first 5K and investigating “fork”gate.

Episode 71: “The customer is always…?”

The worst name for an accountant, a girl scout cookie fiasco and a hairy experience at a fancy restaurant.

Episode 70: Out with the old!

Car troubles, the trouble with being competitive and a troubling conversation with Mami about her driving!

Episode 69: Puerto Ricans in Disney

The good, the bad and Jose’s love for Disney!

Episode 68: From Puerto Rico with Love

Some of what we saw, some of what we experienced and a lot of what we felt during our trip to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

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