Episode 86: It’s my birthday show!

How to deal with unwanted attention, how to ride a balloon and how to show off on Mother’s Day!

Episode 85: I just can’t!

Screaming kids, the 5th of May and a cockroach story you’ll never forget!

Episode 84: A weekend in Nueva York

Meeting a Yankee legend, a baby shower to forget and when sleeping problems become relationship problems!

Episode 83: It only comes once a year!

A day to celebrate her, a show to make fun of her and another twelve months to plan the next birthday!

Let’s go “Live!” (again)

Another Facebook “Live” podcast where we took questions, comments and even revealed some personal information!

Episode 81: The secret to a happy marriage

The ultimate wedding jinx, the worst wedding venue and the best fan mail!

Episode 80: California livin’

Electric bikes, coyotes and tacos on tour!

Episode 79: Let’s go “Live!”

A Facebook “Live” podcast where we took questions, comments and even critiques!

Episode 78: A spring break from the usual

When parents get angry, a trip to an amusement park and confessions of a child of divorced parents.

Episode 77: An interview with mini-me

Thoughts on school, his first date and a test of his education.

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