Episode 43: Controlling your impulses

How to provoke Jose’s road rage, a suicidal skydiver and the first thing you should do when you suffer food poisoning.

Episode 42: Meet me in Miami!

A lucio gets dancing lessons, walking and eating at the same time and a Home Run Derby for the ages!

Episode 41: Life is meant to be celebrated!

A crazy concert experience, too many fireworks and honoring a great man!

Episode 40: Reunited in Chicago

Puerto Rican cooking, La Havana Madrid and how to dress for a Salsa concert!

Episode 39: Appreciate your family…and yourself too!

A Father’s Day surprise, a National Day everyday and a novela of biblical proportions!

Episode 38: A Puerto Rican Vacation-Part II

Breaking up with your job, high on Dramamine and ziplining at another level!

Episode 37: A Puerto Rican Vacation-Part I

Bad hotels, taking vacation pictures and one incredible hike through a rain forest!

Episode 36: Bad food and bad music don’t mix

When “Despacito” sounds like “Burrito”, a 13 year old terrorista and stripping down for Pepto!

Episode 35: Asking questions and taking names!

Breaking down “Despacito”, a new movie idea for Latinos and an offer I can definitely refuse!

Episode 34: Let’s go through puberty!

Acne, discovering body odor and what it means when a rooster sings!

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