Episode 56: #PuertoRicoSeLevanta

Respect the relief effort, proper movie etiquette and a concert for the ages (sort of).

Episode 55: The definition of virtue

Hope for Puerto Rico, performing for middle school kids and a prayer walk worthy of a confession!

Episode 54: It’s all in the presentation!

Used cars, a pushy pastor and failing at rap!

Episode 53: Puerto Rico on my mind

Boricuas in Vegas, the perfect slot machine and a flight to forget!

Episode 52: “El Podcast” turns one!

A car drowns, a marriage is annulled and celebrating with those you love over the phone!

Episode 51: Courage is a tricky word

Surviving a hurricane, breaking the Da Vinci code and playing Doctor with a pig’s foot!

Episode 50: Beans and wine oh my!

Hurricane preparations, the supply and demand of prayers and the need for pig’s feet!

Episode 49: The Power of Words

One heckler’s mistake, one epic fight and one eye repaired!

Episode 48: You learn as you go

Watch your Spanish, a surprise VIP experience and an intro to Puerto Rican trap music!

Episode 47: Mean what you say!

The tiki torch, fan mail and getting your mother-in-law to cook for you!

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