Episode 26: It’s not just a game!

How we play, why we watch and learning a little geography along the way.

Episode 25: “When life throws you lemons…”

The big “C” word: the news, the treatment and laughing all the way to recovery!

Episode 24: A Day At Disney

Long lines, crystals in your head and rides to forget!

Episode 23: Different is not always a bad thing

Seafood, my ex wife’s birthday party and a debate about making the bed in the morning.

Episode 22: Performing with the great Tito Nieves

Battling nerves, haters in your head  and leaving a great first impression!

Episode 21: Handling haters is a virtue!

Challenges before a show, haters after a show and another pop quiz.

Episode 20: My True Colors

Sleeping in church, malo by default and a chance to open for Tito Nieves!

Episode 19: A Celebrity Wedding

Finding the right outfit, the value of spanks and a performance we’ll never forget!

Episode 18: Honesty is not always the best policy

Scoping the crowd at the Winter Salsa Festival, a professional Puerto Rican Chef and a little horoscope action!

Episode 17: Behind the scenes

Our audiences, our experience doing shows and six reasons why you should never date a Puerto Rican woman.

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